Theatre day “Dyvų dyvai” (Miracles of Miracles) Bernardine Gardens, Castles’ area

Theatre Day “Dyvų dyvai” (Miracles of Miracles)

Bernardine Gardens, Castles’ Area

July 5


The Theatre Day’s programme “Dyvų dyvai” (Miracles of Miracles) is dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of the Lithuanian literature classic Kristijonas Donelaitis and to celebrate the Year of Theatre. The amateur theatres coming from all regions of the state will play extracts from the K. Donelaitis’ “Metai” (The Seasons), the epic poem in hexameter, a masterpiece of the Lithuanian early literature. Children and youth theatre groups will demonstrate the never-ending circle of life and nature – the four seasons: spring, summer autumn and winter – in the programme “Our Year”. The puppet theatre groups will perform emotional fables by K. Donelaitis – the first original works of this genre in the Lithuanian literature. The circus’ artists, clowns, stilt walkers and mime artists will follow the miracles theme. The final performance “Jau saulelė vėl atkopdama budino svietą” (The climbing sun again was wakening the world) based on K. Donelaitis’ poem will burst with fresh creative energy.