Folklore day

Folklore Day “Destined by Laima”

Bernardine Gardens, Castles’ Area

July 4


The Baltic goddess of destiny – Laima is a determiner of an individual’s life, but also the patron of women. Even nowadays Lithuanians name their daughters after Laima thus wishing them good fortune.

On the Folklore Day at the Sereikiškės Park and the Gediminas Hill over four thousands participants – folklore groups, singers, musicians, story tellers, folk artists and craftsmen, upholders of culinary heritage, customs, practitioners of traditional medicine and others will call to join them in search for many-faced Laima in concerts, demonstrations, conversations, games.

One will learn how to bring luck on one’s side and never be out of luck, how to catch success in one’s personal life, in a family, a farm, how to meet a new-born child, how should one behave at the weddings, the house-warming rites, what traditions should be followed at calendar fests in order to keep the prosperity and avoid misfortune. The happiness will suffice everyone – women and men, children and youth, participants and spectators.